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Excel: convert numeric into alphabet

Microsoft Excel is an integral part of Microsoft office software. It is a very versatile software serving a lot of purposes. There are a number of functions that can be served using the Microsoft Excel software application. A large number of formulae, relationships and functions are provided in Excel which are helpful in creating databases, log tables and many more. For users who face problems in converting numeric into alphabet while using Microsoft Excel, there is a simple step that needs to be followed to solve the issue. It is required to simply use the '=words (RANGEADDRESS)' to find out the number of words used in the workbook.


I just want to know how I can convert numeric into alphabet in Excel. Can you send me a formula of that particular criteria please?


Get Rajput's code here: http://ccm.net/...

Then use
to get the number in words in the workbook.


Thanks to Excelguru for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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