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I HAVE A LCD TV write and I have a HDMI as well it came with the Xbox and I don’t have a socket on the TV to put the HDMI in and I want to play in HD what should I do?


Go to the xbox site for instructions:


You will need to buy a component cable adapter if it is supported by you TV.

Connector colors and functions
One end of the component HD AV cable has three component video connectors, one composite video connector, and two analog audio connectors. The other end of the cable has one optical Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format (S/PDIF) connection port and an audio-visual (AV) connector that connects to the Xbox 360 console. The AV connector has an HDTV switch that determines which video signal is transmitted through the cable. Select either the high-definition video signal or the standard-definition TV video signal.

The six connectors on the component HD AV cable are color-coded:

• Red RCA connector: component video
• Green RCA connector: component video
• Blue RCA connector: component video
• Yellow RCA connector: composite video
• Red RCA connector: right audio channel
• White RCA connector: left audio channel
Note To determine the function of either red connector, follow the cable back to the branch bundle. If the connector comes from a branch that has only two cables, the connector is for the right audio channel. If the connector comes from a branch that has four cables, the connector is for component video.
Most televisions and monitors have color-codes ports that help you determine the correct port for each connector.

HDTV and standard TV video capabilities
If you want to use the component HD AV cable with a standard-definition TV or monitor, use the single yellow composite video connector to connect to the TV or to the monitor. Make sure that you set the HDTV switch to STD (standard) .

If you want to use the component HD AV cable for high-definition TV, use the red, green, and blue component video connectors to connect to the TV. Make sure that you also set the HDTV switch to HDTV.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.

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