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Users of Nintendo's hand held gaming device DSI may want to install Adobe Flash Player on the SD card to play various online games that require this plug-in. This is, however, unfortunately not possible as the hardware of the game system does not support the flash player. Adobe has proprietary rights on Flash and it is the only one that can release Flash Player and as until now, Adobe has no plans to do so for DSI .There are plenty of options in browser games that are compatible with DSI and with which the help of DSiCade and DSOperaSDK can be taken.


I want to install Flash Player on a Nintendo DSi but don't know how to do so or which version to use.


Currently, there is no Flash Player for the DSi. It does not support Adobe Flash and there is no way to install it.

As yet there is no equivalent software, as any "homebrew" Flash player would likely violate copyright law. There are two sites - DSiTube and DSiCade - which appear similar but are in no way connected. They both claim to be in the process of solving this problem by providing some means of playing video on the DSi, but as yet neither has had any success.

It remains to be seen if a compatible version of Flash, or a YouTube app similar to the one on the iPhone, ever comes out.

However, if you just want browser games that are compatible with the DSi (although they are playable in Firefox 3.5 and likely many others), DSiCade ( and DSOperaSDK ( are possible options.

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Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.

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