How To Send Virtual Greeting Cards

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On birthdays, special occasions, or end-of-year celebrations, it's possible to send virtual greeting cards. Depending on the website, it's possible to have animated virtual cards, talking cards, or video cards. Some sites also offer the possibility to schedule the send date of your virtual, for those who often forget, and also to trigger an alert by email when the card is opened. Below are several popular options to send virtual cards.

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain’s virtual card service is only offered in English, but their collection is very large. The service also allows for read notifications when a card is received.

Being So

Being So allows users to create their own customized cards, including the addition of photos, text, and video. Cards can also be scheduled for delivery at a certain time and the sender can select to receive read notifications. As with most other virtual card services, you can access your send history.


Kisseo has a large selection of cards categorized by type. In addition, users can create their own personalized cards including video. As many other services, it provides a send history, read notifications, and is available in several languages, such as English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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