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Excel - Comparing one column data with multiple column


I have four columns. Each column has data ranging from 1 - 50 rows. These four column has common data like below:

A B C D 

1 4 3 100 
2 10 4 55 
3 20 2 5 
4 2 50 3 
5 18 70 50 
6 25 45 7 
7 30 8 2 
8 12 10 6 
  • 1. I want to have the data output in such a way that same data found in any 3 columns out of 4 columns taking column A as reference (i.e. Column A data needs to be checked across all the other 3 columns for similar data).
  • 2. I want to get the similar data for the first 2 column keeping column A as reference (i.e Checking all the data of column A in B)

The output of first question to be marked in blue and output of second question marked in Red.

Hope you have understood the question. Advance thanks for your help.


Try this formula:
=if(countif(B:D,"=" & A1)>0,A1,"") 

in cell A5 and drag it down


Thanks to Excelguru for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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