How to choose the right mouse

If you want to choose a mouse, you must take into account your personal budget, the exclusive uses of this mouse as well as the type of computer that you have in order to avoid any incompatibility issues.

The right mouse

The right size to fit your hand palm; If you do not have a mouse with which you will feel at ease, while working for a minimum period of 8 hours per day, you will come across physical issues in the long run. The design of the mouse is less important than the practical part of it. Hence, if you wish to choose a mouse that doesn't use a mouse roll instead of an infrared one, you should first think about its purposes. If you are more of a graphic designer than of a text-based user, I would recommend you to use an infrared mouse to ease your graphic curves works.


This is not a question of technology but of compatibility. While choosing your mouse, bear in mind that you should have a USB port in your CPU if you are purchasing a USB port mouse. Else, this will be completely useless to you.

Right handed or left handed?

Most mousehave been exclusively designed for right-handed persons. Hence, if you are left handed, you have the choice either to use the shortcuts on your keypad or to use ambidextrous mouse.

Gaming purposes

For gaming purposes, it is needed that mouse has a high dpi ranging from 1200 to 2000 dpi, with a good tracking and some independent customizable buttons, for an enhanced gameplay.

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