How To Check Voicemail with AT&T

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If you’re using AT&T, there are a few ways to check your voicemail. For Android users, there's even an app dedicated to virtual voicemail. The company's voicemail service also has several shortcut keys that allow you to manage your mail more easily. This article will walk you through the various options.

Access Voicemail by Calling

To check your voicemail on your AT&T mobile device, press and hold 1. If you have set a password for your voicemail account, you will be prompted to enter it. If you have not set a password, your new messages will play automatically. If you do not have any new messages, you can also press 1 to access your saved messages.

If you are trying to reach your voicemail from a phone that isn’t your own, dial your 10-digit AT&T mobile phone number and, when the the voicemail greeting plays, press *. Lastly, enter your voicemail password to access your voicemail inbox.

Check Your Visual Voicemail

Visual voicemail displays your messages as recordings, making it easier to manage them. To access your visual voicemail, select Phone and, then, Voicemail. The visual voicemail will then open with your new and saved messages.

N.B. For Android users, the company offers the AT&T Visual Voicemail app, which allows you to check your visual voicemail.

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