Excel - Compare from one column to another


I am working with Excel 2003. I need the formula to look in Column 1 and look at all these names. And compares the name if it is Sally the add Tom in column next to it (this is who she reports to), if first column second row is Mary and automatically add Julie on the same row she is but this specific column.

Name of employee Reports to  
Sally Tom  
Mary Julie  
Bob Julie  
John Tom 

So, it looks at NameofEmployee column and it matches if it is `this' name then the manager is this and adds that name in the specific column.


Suppose in your sheet1 you have data of Employee Name & Manager of employee in column A & B

A B  
emp Manager  
Sally Tom  
Mary Julie  
Bob Julie  
John Tom 

Now in your sheet 2 you have only names in Column A
emp name  

Now in cell B2 of sheet2 write this formula and drag it down ...



Thanks to mubashir aziz for this tip on the forum.
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