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What is AT&T Messages?

AT&T Messages is a service that allows you to back up all of your text and photo messages to AT&T’s cloud service for a 90-day period. And since all of your messages are also stored in the cloud, you can access them easily from your mobile device, personal computer, smart watch, or tablet. This helps AT&T customers ensure that they never miss a message. This article will walk you through how to activate the service.

Activate AT&T Messages

To enroll in AT&T Messages, you must have a data plan that is billed monthly. AT&T does not support pre-paid customers with this service. If you do not already have the service, you can sign up for AT&T Messages here.

To activate AT&T Messages for your mobile device, open the Messages app and go to AT&T Messages Backup & Sync to get started. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Access Your Messages Online

You can access AT&T Messages online here. Simply log in with your info to be able to send messages online from your PC or laptop. AT&T also offers a mobile app for Android tablets. It’s free and available to download here.

N.B. In order to use AT&T Messages, iPhone users must first deactivate iMessage. Additionally, not all devices support Backup & Sync. Find the list of supported mobile phones on AT&T’s FAQs page.

Image: © AT&T.

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