How To Unlock a Sprint Device

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Unlocking your mobile device has many benefits and provides you more overall flexibility. International use is one of the greatest benefits of unlocking your phone, as well as access to additional features. In the Unites States, cell phone service providers often lock phones for a certain period after a customer makes a purchase to require them to stay with the service provider. However, under certain circumstances, Sprint customers can request that their device be unlocked. This article explains how to get your device unlocked — legally — with Sprint’s Unlock Policy.

Unlock Your Sprint Phone

Sprint requires customers to call to request an unlock, and the process is completed over-the-air via an update. The standard requirements are that the device must have a SIM that can be unlocked, the device must have been with the Sprint network for a minimum of 50 days, the account must be in good standing, and the device must have not been reported lost, stolen, or otherwise ineligible. Additionally, leased phones cannot be unlocked until they have been completely paid off. To request that your device be unlocked if you are on a monthly plan, call 888-211-4727. For Sprint Forward customers, call 855-639-4644.

Sprint does not guarantee that unlocking your device will make it compatible with any provider, and many devices previously made for Sprint are not SIM unlock-capable. However, the Unlocking Commitment now requires providers to unlock phones at a customer’s request, in accordance with certain conditions. However, if you have an incompatible device, you might consider taking advantage of Sprint's Buyback program.

N.B. Sprint can only unlock Sprint devices — not those from other networks. For newer devices, Sprint now completes unlocking automatically once the device is eligible.

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