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Check Your Data Usage With Verizon

Verizon offers you several ways to check your data usage. This article will provide you an overview on how to check your data usage online from My Verizon, with the My Verizon mobile app, and by SMS.

Check on My Verizon Online

To check from your My Verizon account online, go to the My Verizon website and log in with your account details. Go to the My Usage section to find the data meter. Additionally, Verizon offers the Data Utilization Tool, which is accessible from your My Verizon account online. The tool provides an analysis and additional information on your data usage.

Check via the My Verizon App

You can use the My Verizon mobile application to check your data usage. To access usage stats from the app, open My Verizon and log in with your credentials. If you have not yet downloaded it, you can find the version for Android here and the version for iPhone here. Once connected, find your device and go to My Usage to view your info.

Request an SMS Update

To request an SMS overview of your data usage, simply dial #DATA or #3282 from your Verizon mobile device. You will, then, receive a summary of your data via SMS. You can also request information on your minutes by dialing #MIN or #646.

N.B. If you’ve signed up for a monthly paid plan, Verizon automatically sends a data usage notification via SMS at intervals of 75%, 90%, and 100%.

Image: © Verizon.

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