Verizon’s Device Trade-In Program

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Verizon offers the Device Trade-In Program to allow you to recycle your current phone for credit toward the purchase of another one. It’s possible to take advantage of the program by visiting a store or mailing in the device. Nevertheless, Verizon offers a tool online to estimate the trade-in value of your device. This article will explain how to trade in your device, how to check the status of your request, and how to recycle your device if it doesn't qualify for a trade-In.

Trade-In Your Verizon Device

To get started with your device trade-in, visit Verizon’s Trade-In page to find out if your device qualifies. To complete the appraisal, you will need to select the device brand and enter the phone information requested by Verizon.

If you have a positive reply after filling in your device details, you will, then, need to mail in your device or visit a local retail store. If you decide to mail in the device, use the prepaid shipping material that’s automatically sent to you after completing an appraisal.

Check Your Trade-In Status

If you have already filed a trade-in request and you want to check its status, go to the Verizon Trade-In Status page. Here, Verizon allows you to search using the submission ID or the email address associated with the request and the date timeframe.

To check using the submission ID, enter the number found in your confirmation email and click Check Status at the bottom of the page.

If you have misplaced the email and no longer have access to the submission ID, enter your email address and the timeframe during which the request was sent.

Recycle Your Verizon Device

Even if the estimated value of your device is $0, it’s still possible to recycle it. Verizon provides two methods to recycle a device: by visiting a local retail location or by mailing it in to a Verizon center.

If you visit a Verizon store, reach out to any staff member for help trading in your device.

If you decide to mail in your device, visit Verizon’s Prepaid Mailing Request page, and Verizon will send you prepaid packaging. Then, just drop it in the mail and you’re set. Alternatively, Verizon notes that some states have recycling centers that you can visit. Go to Verizon’s Recycling Page to find out more.

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