How To Request a Trade-In via Sprint’s Buyback Program

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Sprint’s Buyback program lets you trade in a device from any network. After your device is appraised, the credit can be added to your account or used as a credit to make a purchase online or in-store. This article will explain how to request a buyback as well as how to track your request’s status.

Request a Buyback with Sprint

To get started with your buyback, visit Sprint’s Buyback page and click Sell. Select the device that you would like to sell. Complete the requested information and confirm the quantity. Next, hit device conditions for each of your devices, and enter the device IMEI. Select Add to cart, I'm done. Complete your customer information in the request window, and select Accept offer. Next, click Accept to confirm that you have acknowledged the terms and conditions, and select Complete offer.

You will receive a summary email and the prepaid shipping materials to your address, typically within five working days. Alternatively, Sprint customers can visit a store to turn in a device. To find a store close to you, go to Sprint’s Store Locator page and enter your location information.

Check the Status of Your Buyback

The buyback process typically takes no more than four weeks, and requests are processed after a maximum of seven days. If you would like to check the status of the request, visit Sprint’s Buyback Program website and enter your buyback confirmation number, mobile number, or email address, and then, press Submit. You will, then, be provided an update on the status of your buyback request.

Image: © Sprint.