How To Provide Feedback on Sprint’s Network

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Sprint has one of the best telecom networks in the U.S. However, occasionally customers may face issues. Sprint provides customers a way to share any issues to identify and resolve them more quickly. This is very beneficial for Sprint’s network teams, and it helps ensure customers have better service.

Send Your Feedback on Sprint’s Network

Sprint offers two ways for customers to submit feedback on their network performance: online via your My Sprint account or using the My Sprint mobile app. To share your feedback online, go to the My Sprint Login page and enter your account credentials to access your account. Then go to support and then click on Report a network issue. Here you can enter the details about the issue and send to Sprint.

To send your feedback from the My Sprint, first launch the app. If you have not yet downloaded it, you can find the version for Android here and the version for iPhone here. Next, go to the bottom of the app and click on Support. Then select Pinpoint your experience. Here you can share an update on any issues you are facing.

Image: © Sprint.