How to add an image to your website

April 2018

For web-design, images may be required to be uploaded to a website.To do this you can call on the help of many interfaces. Users can also write code which meet their custom needs. To upload pictures to a website in JPEG format, BMP, PNG or GIF extension specific code can be written that allows the the image to be uploaded. There are also custom codes for images that needs to be uploaded from the URL on the internet. When naming the images no symbol or alpha numerical characters should be used and the pictures must be in direct directory. If they are stored in a file, then the folder name should be added before the file name.

The code usually used to add an image to your website is:
<img src="image.jpg">

This works if you have to upload a JPEG format, but it can also support a BMP, PNG or GIF extension. This option is used while browsing an image that is being stored on your computer.

If you want to use an image from the internet, you can specify a URL as the source, as shown in the code here:
<img src="http://internetaddress.image.jpg">

Note: while naming your pictures, ensure that they do not contain any symbols or alphanumeric characters. If the images are found in a folder and not a direct directory, do not forget to add the folder extension before the file name, separated by slash symbols.
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