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How To Transfer AT&T Upgrade Eligibility

AT&T customers receive upgrade credits associated to devices as a reward for remaining a loyal customer. If you have multiple devices on your account and one has an upgrade credit, you may be able to transfer the credit from one device to another. There are some limitations and restrictions, but this plan is great if you wish to upgrade a device for which you do not yet have a current upgrade credit. Here is what you need to confirm your upgrade eligibility.

Switch Your Upgrade Credit to a New Device

There are three requirements to transferring upgrade credits with AT&T.

Firstly, to transfer your upgrade credit, both deices must be on the same AT&T wireless billing account. Transfers between accounts are not possible, even if you are the account holder for both.

Also, you must transfer your credit to a similar device. For example, if the device with the upgrade credit is a tablet, you can only transfer this credit to another tablet and not to a mobile phone.

Finally, only the authorized account holder can make a transfer request.

If you meet these conditions, visit an AT&T Store or call the service desk to get started.

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