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What is Sprint Complete?

Sprint Complete is a service that allows you to manage repairs and replacements, as well as general support for your Sprint device. Customers who take advantage of Sprint complete also have access to discounts and faster turnaround times for repairs and replacements.

What are the Benefits

  • If your screen is broken, Sprint Complete customers can receive a repair for only $29, as opposed to paying the much higher full repair price.
  • Devices that are stolen or lost could be replaced within one day.
  • Sprint Complete offers extended instant support from its customer service line.

To learn more, visit the Sprint Complete support page.

Add Sprint Complete to My Account

Sprint Customers have 30 days following a device upgrade or activation to activate Sprint Complete. However, the service is only available on select devices, including smartphones, wearables, and tablets. If you are within the 30-day window and your device is eligible, you can activate Sprint Complete by calling the customer support, visiting a store location, or accessing your My Sprint account online. If the 30-day period has passed, Sprint Complete can only be activated in a store location during a paid repair.
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