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How To Update Your Address with My Verizon

Verizon customers can update their address details by accessing their My Verizon account online or via the app. This allows you to avoid visiting a store or long waits on the phone with the customer service. Each Verizon account will have a billing address and a service address. A billing address is where your monthly bill and account statement will be sent. Your service location is your physical location where service will be planned. Typically they are the same, but they can differ if you are living temporarily in a different place. This article will explain how to change your addresses online via your My Verizon account or via the My Verizon app.

N.B. Roaming and service charges are based on your service address, not your billing address.

Change your Verizon Addresses Online

To update your billing address online, go to the My Verizon login page and enter your account details to access your account. Go to the My Profile tab and then click Manage Billing Address. In the page that opens, you will be able to update your billing address, your service address, or both. Enter your new addresses in the corresponding space and hit Submit to update your profile.

Update your Verizon Addresses with the Mobile App

To update your billing address using the My Verizon mobile app, launch the app and open the My Account & Billing tab. Go to Manage Billing Address and make the updates to your information. Click Update to save the changes. If you do not yet have the My Verizon mobile app on your phone, you can download the version for Android here or the version for iPhone here.

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