How To Unsubscribe from Sprint’s Commercial Short Code Text Messaging Service

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Sprint and other companies often use commercial short code text messages for advertisements, or to opt-in/out customers to their communications program. As opposed to a 10-digit number, they are typically only 4 to 6 digits long. These messages can become annoying or irrelevant, so you may want to block them. Blocking these numbers is easy, and Sprint customers can do so by replying directly to the message or by logging in to My Sprint.

Unsubscribe from Commercial Short Code Text Messaging

Open the messaging application on your device and locate the message that you wish to prevent. Reply to the message with STOP, in all caps, and click Send. You will receive a text message to confirm that your request has been processed.

If this method does not work, you can block numbers from texting directly from your My Sprint account. After logging in, go to My Preferences and find Limits and Permissions. Click Block Text Messages, then go to Block only these numbers. Enter the 4- to 8-digit number that the text message was sent from. It’s also possible to block a normal 10-digit number using this process.

N.B. All messaging services are required to have the STOP opt-out keyword.

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