How To Sign Up For T-Mobile Paperless Billing

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T-Mobile allows you to sign up for paperless billing, which allows you to receive your bill via text message or email. It’s free, convenient, and gives you to access up to 18 months of your account statements online. Only the primary account holder (PAH) can request paperless billing, and to do so, you must have a valid email address on record. Below, you will find out how to sign up for paperless billing online or via the mobile app.

Activate T-Mobile’s Paperless Billing

To sign up for paperless billing, go to the My T-Mobile site and access your account. Next, go to Profile at the top of the screen. Then, select Billing & Payments, then Paperless Billing. Finally, change your billing option to Paperless Bill. Next, decide if you prefer to receive the bill via Email or Text Message, and then click Agree & Save.

You can also change your preferences on the T-Mobile app. After logging in, go to More and, then, Profile settings. Click Billing & Payments, then select Paperless billing. Choose between Email and Text Message for your delivery preference. Select Agree & Save to save your preferences.

Image: © T-Mobile.
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