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Publish a PDF file on your website

For professional webmasters proficient in web design, uploading a PDF file to a website is an easy task as it can be done by adding an interlink to a document that can be downloaded to the webpage. This can be done easily with the help of HTML tags.The layout of the document will, however, depend on the internet browser. The 'Save as' option must be present in the document so that it can be saved in the computer directly. The whole PDF file can also be displayed with the help of a software like pdf2swf that can convert a PDF file into a flash file. Through the FTP process and HTML code, the converted PDF file can be published.

Displaying a link to a PDF on your Website

Placing a PDF link on your own website is an operation that can seem quite easy if you are a professional webmaster and know how to effectively use HTML tags. For beginners, a PDF file can be uploaded to your website by adding the internal link <a href="File.pdf">Download PDF</a> to the body of your webpage.

The process is rather simple but the webmaster needs to be aware that the user's choice of internet browser will affect how the file is displayed on screen. A hassle-free solution would be to enable the Save As option upon a right click command on the document. This will allow the user to save the PDF directly to his computer.

Displaying the PDF on your website

However, some web designers prefer to display the whole PDF file instead of the link. This task can be done using software known as pdf2swf and whose main function is converting PDF documents into a flash file that will be displayed on the website. You can get a free version of this program here: http://www.swftools.org/download.html

Note: Versions of the program are available for both Linux and Windows.

After having downloaded and installed the program on your computer, you can now start with the conversion of the PDF file. When the PDF file has been converted, you can put it on your website through an FTP process and by adding the following HTML code:

  <object width="595" height="842">       
  <param name="MOVIE" value="nameofdoc.swf">       
  <param name="PLAY" value="true">       
  <param name="LOOP" value="true">       
  <param name="QUALITY" value="high">       
  <embed src="nameofdoc.swf" width="595" height="842"       
   play="true" align="" loop="true" quality="high"       

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