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Logitech X540 5.1 - Matrix mode

The Matrix mode in Logitech X540 5.1 mixes all left-right stereo sounds into surround sound. The Matrix mode can be enabled with the hardware switch provided at the right side of the volume control of the Logitech X540 5.1. If the Matrix mode is not enabled, there will not be any sound emanating from the rear speakers when listening to music in 2D mode. With the Matrix mode on, there could be problems when listening to 5.1 DVDs or music. Therefore, it is recommended to enable the Matrix mode in Logitech X540 5.1 only when the source is not a 5.1 DVD.


5.1 surround sound is not working. Applications and Drivers are fully updated, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the drivers. When I select 5.1 under the types of speakers in my application, it disables my centre speaker, and makes my rear speakers really garbling. When I select 2.1, it gives me even, crystal-clear quality sound from all the speakers. I have also checked all the connections three times.

Motherboard: nforce3-a
Speakers: Logitech x-540
sound card: Creative SoundBlaster (SB) Audigy SE
OS: Vista x32


I admit the Logitech X540 5.1 manual is awfully discreet about the Matrix functionality.
I had the same problem as many here, until I figured out how "Matrix" mode works:
  • If you do not enable the Matrix mode (the switch on the right of the volume control), you will not hear anything in the rear speakers when listening to a 2D source (music, streaming video, or most divx formats).
  • On the other hand, if you enable the Matrix mode and listen to a 5.1 DVD movie you will just not hear some sound, or it will be played very low. For instance, you will barely be able to hear the voices on a DVD.

Enable Matrix most of the time, unless you know the source is 5.1 (DVD or mkv movies, and in some games).
The Matrix mode is there to mix any left-right stereo sound into a kind of surround sound.

It's too bad the driver does not detect automatically if the source is 2 or 5.1.

What is even worse is the impossibility to rebalance the sound volumes in Matrix mode.
I use Realtek HD Audio manager as well but I do not see anywhere the option to enable a "speaker fill option" nor the possibility to set speakers to "full range" (what does that mean anyway?). This tool sucks!

I'd like to boost the rear speakers as well, the front-rear balance is really bad - it actually does not "surround" anything because the volume of the rear is barely audible.


Thanks to david for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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