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Gmail - Receive emails via SMS

This tip is for people who can not connect to the Internet every day "just" to check their emails.

Do you know that we can receive his free email via SMS? Please note that email received will be an excerpt of the original email. And if you want to read the entire mail, simply log.

Creating a Gmail account

You must in any case have a Gmail account.
Once you have a Gmail address, log onto your Gmail and click on "Settings" at the top.
Then in the orange box, click "Accounts and import" and click "Add POP3.
Set it and accept the default configuration provided by Google, it's good!

You will now receive emails via Gmail.
Setup Google Calendar

Now in the top left, click on "Calendar", then "Settings" at top right.
Then click on "Mobile Setup" and fill in the fields.
Once you receive your confirmation SMS, type the code in the required fields.

The calendar is important as the function that we will use to receive your emails via SMS take the coordinates provided in the service offered by Google Calendar (your phone number in our case).

Installing Mail 2 SMS

This gadget is called Mail 2 SMS, click here to install it, then click on "add a button (add to iGoogle).

Go to iGoogle home and enter your username in "Login" and your password in "Password", and click Send.

At this point, it is possible that the gadget tells you the server is temporarily unavailable. If this is the case, just wait a few hours while your registration is taken into account.

You will now be alerted by SMS when new (x) message (s) every two hours.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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