How To Fix a Malfunctioning Taskbar

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If your taskbar has stopped working, this may be due to a larger, more serious problem in your computer's system. Continue reading to find out how to fix issues that you might be having with the feature.

Fixing a Problem with Your Taskbar Using the Task Manager

One short term solution is by using Task Manager to reset your taskbar.

To access Task Manager, simultaneously press [CTRL] + [ALT] + [Delete].

Click the Process tab, then stop the explorer.exe process.

Next, go to File, then Run. Type in explorer.exe, and press Enter on your keyboard.

Your taskbar should have restarted and be running with no issues.

Fixing a Problem with Your Taskbar Using a Long-Term Solution

If you frequently have problems with your taskbar, it is likely due to a more deeply rooted issue in your system.

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