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Sony Walkman - Content transfer problem

The Sony Walkman can be connected to the computer in the MTP mode to access the Walkman and transfer files to it. Any problem with the content transfer mode could be related to an incompatible or missing MTP driver rather than a hardware issue. The Sony Walkman sometimes installs as a USB Mass Storage Device instead of an MTP device. Installing the MTP can be done through the Device Manager utility of the Windows operating system. Once the MTP driver has been installed the Walkman can be connected to the computer using content transfer mode. All Sony device drivers can be downloaded for free from the Sony website.


Content transfer feature of my Sony Walkman is not recognizing my Walkman when it is connected although I can access my Walkman and transfer files to it via other means, I would still like 'content transfer' to be working so I can download files from BBC i player etc...can anybody help?

OS: Windows XP Pro
Windows Media Player 11


This is due to the MTP which is missing,
To solve this problem:
  • Open control panel
  • Select System
  • Select Hardware
  • Select Device Manager
  • Select Universal serial bus controllers
  • Right-click USB mass storage device
  • Select Update Driver
  • Hardware Update Wizard appears
  • Select Install from a list or specific location
  • Click Next: 'Please choose your search and installation' options
  • Select: 'dont search.I will chose the driver to install'
  • Click next

At this point you should see drivers for USB mass storage device and one called MTP. MTP is the one you want, highlight it and install it and hopefully you should be up and running...further than that I can't offer any more assistance...except to say that you need an MTP driver...maybe best to print this ..it's easier than it looks on paper.

This will 100% work !!!

To get all drivers for Sony Walkman products:



Thanks to ladydog for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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