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How To Create New IRCTC Account

IRCTC is the Indian Railways official platform, and it can be used to book train tickets online for various railway services. To use the service, you need to create an account using the IRCTC website. Continue reading to find out how.

Sign Up on the IRCTC Train Ticket Booking Website

To sign up on the IRCTC train booking website, visit IRCTC site and click the Sign Up button located at the top-right side of the page:

A form will appear on the page. Start with Individual Registration, where you will need to select a unique User ID, Password, Security Question, Security Answer, and Preferred Language:

Next, enter your personal details, including Name, Date of Birth, Occupation, Email, ISD Mobile, and Nationality:

In the third section, called Residential Details, fill in your address including the PIN code, state, city, and post office.

Respond to the captcha to move onto the last section:

Next, enter Yes or No to the questions pertaining to the IRCTC's subscription based service. Then, click Submit Registration Form:

A pop-up screen will appear in which you will need to confirm your email address and phone number, the latter of which being where the IRCTC will send the one-time password (OTP) that will be needed to access the account. Click OK to proceed:

Next, the IRCTC will inform you about the available services. Click I agree terms and conditions to continue:

A confirmation message will appear. Click Please click here to login and activate your account:

Next, click the Verify Mobile No with OTP button, followed by Verify Email ID with OTP to verify the account:

Upon entering the OTP correctly, you will then be able to book your train tickets online using your IRCTC account.

Image: © IRCTC.

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