How To Get a Free Phone from T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers free phones for new customers and existing customers. Depending on a few criteria, you could be eligible for a free device from T-Mobile. Continue reading to find out how to get started.

Get a Free T-Mobile Phone as a New T-Mobile Customer

As a new T-Mobile customer, you can find out which phones you are eligible to receive for free by visiting the T-Mobile website and selecting Get Started.

Then, select your appropriate credit rating, and below, you will see the available options for devices that you can receive without needing to put any money down.

Additionally, other devices that you will need to pay for will be displayed with the required deposit amount and the monthly fee.

Get a Free T-Mobile Phone as an Existing T-Mobile Customer

As an existing T-Mobile customer, you also have the option to use upgrade credits to switch out your old device for a new one.

To get started and check your upgrade credit, first go to the My T-Mobile website and log in using your credentials.

Next, go to Shop. Then, check the Upgrade section to find your eligible credit. Here, you will find your eligibility along with other device prices. To upgrade your device, simply select Upgrade.

Image: © T-Mobile.

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