How to access System Information-Msinfo32.exe,dxdiag,...

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For the Windows XP operating system, system information tools such as msinfo32 and dxdiag provide the software and the hardware configuration of the computer system. To access system information, run the tools from the command line or use the system tools menu in the programs tab. All the information regarding the hardware that is installed on the Windows XP system and as well as the device drivers, can be seen through Tools. A complete report of the hardware installed can also be saved into a separate file by the dxdiag system tool. The device manager tool will list all the device drivers in the Windows system. It is easy to access system information using the tools.


System Information is a tool which displays information on your computer, mainly for Windows XP. This application works by collecting devices that are installed or loaded on your computer. This system also handles a database of all device drivers that you have installed on your computer.

To access System Information, open the Start Menu and go to All programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information. The image below will be displayed on your computer:

You can achieve the same results by typing: msinfo32 in the Run tab (Start > Run).


  • Open the Start Menu > Run
  • Type dxdiag
  • A window giving information about your configuration will appear
  • You can browse the different tabs to get more information on some of your hardware
  • If you want a complete report, click "Save information", then save the text file


  • Open the Start menu > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager
  • In this window, a yellow question mark indicates a device problem, often a missing driver


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