How to install apps on a Samsung U600 mobile phone?

Samsung is one of the world's leading mobile manufacturers. The U600 is one such phone which offers great multimedia features to its users. When installing applications on the U600 one must be aware that both JAR and JAD files are required. In case the downloaded application does not have a JAD file then the user can easily retrieve it into the required format by using the JAD maker software. After the conversion, the user needs to transfer the JAD and JAR files to the mobile and activate it using the File Manager option available from the main menu of the phone.


How to install software on your J2ME on your mobile phone?


Download the software of your choice in this website (or any other site!): mobile

Conversion in .jad

This phone requires you to have the JAR file of the application and the JAD file. To retrieve the JAD file, you need JAD MAKER

  • Download and install
  • Click and drag the file on the software interface.

Installing a software on your phone

With the keypad of your phone, type:

  • You will get the message "Activated" on the screen.
  • Transfer the JAR and JAD file in your phone.
  • Go to File Manager> Other files select path to the JAD file. Then go to options and confirm the installation. The software is installed in the JAVA World.

Note that

For more information you can check out this FAQ :Installing a game on a Samsung mobile phone

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