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How To Send Instagram Direct Messages from Your PC

Instagram was developed primarily as an app for mobile phones. There is a desktop version, but some of its most commonly used functions are not enabled for your desktop version. This includes direct messages (DMs). Given the growing demand to use Instagram Direct from the computer, 3rd party developers have created solutions to help. One example is IG: dm Desktop, which is open source and free. It can be used with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Here we explain how to download it and get started. </bold>

Send DMs on Instagram from Your PC

To start, go to the IG: dm Desktop site and select the correct version based on your operating system. Open it and connect to Instagram using your username and password:

When IG: dm Desktop opens, you'll see all your Instagram conversations on the left of the screen. You can click any of them to display the full chat, which appears on the right side.

How to start a new conversation? Simply look for the name of the user that interests you using the @. Click on the name when it appears, and a new chat window will appear. From that moment, you can talk quietly with the other person through DM.

IG: dm Desktop allows you to include text and emojis, as well as other multimedia previously shared. You can also cite specific messages in a conversation, similar to the mobile version. Attachments shared in private messages open in a new window:

This desktop tool also includes other features, such as deactivate the seen status (read confirmation), disable notifications, and see what users don't follow you.

Of course, the conversations you have through IG: dm Desktop will be automatically synchronized in your mobile application.

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