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What to choose; Blog, Wiki or CMS?

If you want to edit some contents on the web, there are some easy ways to do it without having to require the use of a website. However, depending on your contents and nature of the environment, you will have to choose on the type of web hosting service that you want; a blog, a CMS or a Wiki.

What is a Blog?

A blog is defined as a set of publications that can contain text elements, images, videos and other graphic elements in a chronological order. Usually, users make use of blogs to publish their own online journal, else to give different tips on various subjects.

While choosing a blog, you should bear in mind the purpose of the blog. A blog will have only one moderator- you! You cannot assign them to anybody else (you can try to give them your password and username but this is totally not recommended)

What is a Wiki?

The major concept of a wiki is the collaboration of many users on a single project; the Wiki. Users will have to share their knowledge by editing, modifying, browsing for more information so that at the end of the day, the articles that are posted have a complete set of information on the subject at hand.
A Wiki is normally chosen as a formal way to publish contents on serious or up-to-date events. The collaboration of many users will help you to stay tuned with the happenings around the world.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System and is an application that allows one to create, edit and modify contents that are being published online. This works by admin registrations and the contents can be changed only by the administrators.

The CMS can either be used as a formal or informal content publishing area.

The links below will allow you to access some online blogs, Wiki or CMS:


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