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What Applications Give You Free Internet Access on Your Phone

If you have run out of data and don't have access to a WiFi connection, you could find this very frustrating. Luckily, there are several apps that allow you to access the internet for free. It's very helpful when traveling to a foreign country. In this article, we'll show you some of the apps you can use to connect to the internet for free from your cell phone.

WiFi Map

As the name implies, WiFi Map allows you to open a map of the world and locate yourself via GPS positioning. After, you will automatically be presented with all nearby internet connections.

Each of these connection points has an instruction sheet to connect to it. In many cases, even the password is revealed since they can be both public and private networks. It is also possible to consult the quality and scope of each of them. This application is available for download for iOS and Android, and is a favorite of travelers:


Wiffinity is a Spanish App available for Android and iOS that works as a map. Just install it, have the GPS active, and the application will show you the available hotspot access points that you can access with a simple click.

Both Wiffinity and other applications of this type offer you the internet in exchange for advertising visualizations:

Your Freedom for Android

Your Freedom is an App available for Android that allows access to various internet servers without paying anything. In addition, it offers the possibility of placing the IP of the phone anywhere in the world, so that it is possible to enter content limited by geographical area.

To use Your Freedom, just download and install it. Request a simple configuration in which it explains how it works and offers the possibility of choosing a network to connect to the Internet:

Opera VPN for iOS

Opera VPN is well known because its initial function was to be able to activate the phone's VPN service in any country in the world for free. Its security system allows you to unlock restricted pages by geographical area and access certain internet servers at no cost.

With this App you can also browse anonymously and block cookies, but it is only available for iOS:

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