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Check If Your Android Smartphone Is Monitored by Sypware

Would you like to be sure that your Android smartphone is not being spied on and that your messages and personal data are not under surveillance? Here are three ways to find out if spyware is active on your Android phone.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is a virus that can monitor the activity of a computer, smartphone, tablet, and more. They could be installed on a mobile phone to steal personal data or to intercept the content of exchanges via SMS, email, Web, or even voice.

These programs sometimes come in the form of parental control apps, allowing parents to monitor their children's mobile activity. However, they can also be used by companies or hackers. In any case, it may be interesting to regularly check if a spyware has been installed on your Android smartphone. Here's how to proceed.

Check Applications Installation by Unknown Sources

Spyware is often downloaded from a source that is not the official Google Play Store. To achieve their this, an intermediate application, which you install legitimately. Once on your smartphone, this application asks you for permission to install other applications from unknown sources. This kind of request must arouse your suspicions.

To check if installation by unknown sources is enabled on your phone, open Settings on your Android smartphone. In the Personal section, click Security. Scroll down to the section labeled Unknown Sources. Then, check that the authorization is deactivated (gray button):

When you want to enable application installation from unknown sources, Android displays a warning message about your possibility for data loss or damage to your phone. You can then click Cancel or validate the activation, at your own risk:

Check If Your Android Smartphone Is Jailbroken

The installation spyware can also be while jailbreaking your smartphone, an unclamping operation, also called root. This eliminates all the security and restrictions of access of your operating system.

The RootChecker application verifies that your device is not jailbroken (rooted). In the Google Play Store search bar, look for root checker. Then, install the Root Checker app from the joeykrim editor on your phone, and open it:

After the permission requests, click the Get Started button. Then in the Check Root tab, click the Check Root Status button:

The application checks within seconds whether your phone is jailbroken. If the message Sorry! Root access is not properly installed on this device, your device has not been rooted:

Check Access Permissions to Your Applications

If they do not need a physical jailbreak or installation via an unknown source, the spyware will be more difficult to detect. They sometimes look like generic apps that you install and grant access permissions to.

To detect them, you can check the permissions you have given to your mobile apps. Open Settings on your smartphone. Click Applications in the Device section. At the top right, click the gear icon to access advanced settings. Then click Authorized. Apps:

This gives you access rights to your contacts, your camera, your microphone, and your phone's SMSs:

Click the section, for example SMS, that you want to control. After, check that you recognize each of the applications that have access to your SMSs. If in doubt, look for the name of the application in our forum or in your favorite search engine to check whether it is dangerous or not:

Image: © Alexey - 123RF.com

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