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Five Tools And Platforms For Sharing Photos With Your Loved Ones

There are several sites and platforms that allow you to share photos with your family and friends without having to go through social media. Here we’re going to show you five of those and give you some of the pros and cons of each.

Like the idea of having photos online that only you and your loved ones can access? It’s possible and a good way of sharing those holiday snaps and special moments without using social media. Here are a selection of sites and platforms that will allow you to share the photos/info you want whilst enabling you to keep your privacy at the same time. Remember to always protect your passwords though and to be careful what you share on the internet!

Google Photos

A website and an application for sorting and sharing your images

Google has a service for every need so it seems only natural that it would provide a space dedicated to storing and sharing images. You need a gmail account to use Google photos but once up and running you can create albums with a simple slide and drop technique. It’s possible to activate an automatic backup setting from a smartphone and after this, all photos will be classified by date on the platform. A bonus for budding designers: Google Photos offers editing and animation features, as well as a very useful search tool. For sharing images or videos, you only have to select the photo, video or album, enter the recipient email address and share. Alternatively albums can also be opened by other users by sharing a link with them. Google Photos is a free service but the storage space (15 GB) is shared between Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Of course should you wish to have more space, paid options are available.

Google Photos also exists in application form, you can download it in the Google Play Store for Android or on iTunes for iOS users.


Store and share photos online.

Do you already have a Dropbox account for organising all of your important documents? Did you know that it can also be adapted to store and share all of your photos and videos too? The service offers automatic synchronisation from a camera, smartphone or memory card whenever it is connected to the desktop application. The various media can then be easily sorted into albums and Dropbox enables simple content management from one folder to another. Like with Google Photos, an image editing software is included. Your albums can also be shared with one or several recipients even if they don’t have a Dropbox account and all access can be password controlled. The Dropbox service is free but to have more than 2 TB of storage space, it will cost 10 euros monthly.

Check out Dropbox photo and also the application version on Google Play and iTunes.


This specialist image platform also caters for private photo sharing

Flickr is a platform that specialises in quality images and it is often used by photographers to enhance their work. It can also be used as an online photo library to store your images. The images are presented in film form but can also be sorted into albums, which you can make public or keep private for a closed network. Note: since January 2019, Flickr has limited its storage space to 1,000 photos per user. This amount of storage space is sufficient for occasional use but the limit can quickly be reached if it’s a service you wish to use more regularly.

Flickr also provides image access using an application that can be found on iTunes for iOS and on Google Play Store for Android.


A gallery for the pros but also for photos of loved ones

Like Flickr, 500px is a platform frequently used by semi-professionals and professionals. Whilst it is often used by photographers to enhance their work, 500px can also be used to upload albums online stored under private settings which can then be shared in a closed network. This platform is free to use but image upload is limited to 7 contents per week.

Have a look at 500px or the application version in iTunes for iOS or on Google Play for Android

Amazon Prime Photos

A complementary service for Amazon Prime subscribers

Users of Amazon Prime delivery service have access to a video service and also a photo storage and sharing space. On Amazon Prime photos, there is an unlimited storage space available to subscribers from a computer, smartphone or a tablet. Photo backup is automatic and the albums can be shared with relatives by email or SMS.

The Amazon Prime photos service is also available to download as an application on Google Play for Android and on iTunes for iOS.

Photo: Derek Thomson


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