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How To Download Torrents Without Entering Any Website

With the qBittorrent desktop application, you can download torrents without having to enter any web page. Everything is done directly from its interface, and it includes a search engine to easily find content, however it is not activated by default. Here we'll explain how to configure it.

Install qBittorrent

First, download the qBittorrent application here. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Once downloaded, run it to complete the installation.

Activate Search Engine

Open qBittorrent and from the main screen open the View tab, from the top menu. From the options that appear, select Search Engine:

If you're using a PC, then a pop-up window will appear requesting to install Python in order to start the Search Engine. On Mac, this step isn't required. When the installation is finished, a new tab called Search will automatically appear:

Configure Search Engine

As you can see, the Search Engine option is already active. However, you must now install some search plugins. To do this, go to the bottom right of the window, click on the Search plugins button and a blank pop-up window will appear. Click Check for updates:

This will automatically fill in the blank part of the pop-up window with a list of the new plugins installed. Click OK and close the window:

Return to the search tab and you will find the search bar will already be active . When launching your search, a series of results will be displayed. qBittorrent also allows you to manage multiple downloads at one time.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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