Adobe FlashPlayer fails to install

April 2018

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I have Windows XP and am using IE 8.

FlashPlayer was working yesterday using IE 7. Stopped working so I downloaded IE 8.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, everything. I even downloaded the SubInACL file that the Adobe website recommended to fix registry problems. I've done every bit of troubleshooting from Adobe website and still nothing.

The download manager gets to 100% then says "Error: Failed to Register". I hit "Close Download Manager."
A new window pops up prompting me to download the installer. I do then it says "Failed to Install."

I have downloaded the standalone flash player package, I've tried installing flash player 9, nothing works!


This solution works for Windows XP:
  • 1. Uninstalll (clean) the Flash files from your computer.
  • 2. Reboot your computer.
  • 3. You must have administrator privileges to successfully complete these following instructions.

Warning: these steps modify your registry entries.
  • 4. Follow the instructions to download the SubInACL tool from the Microsoft Download Center:
  • 5. Download SubInACL.msi to a folder of your choice.
  • 6. Download the file.
  • 7. Extract the reset_fp10.cmd. Important: Be sure that both the subinacl.exe and reset_fp10.cmd files are in the same location (folder)
  • 8. Double-click reset_fp10.cmd.
  • 9. This will open a command window and execute the SubInACL tool.
  • 10. Do not use the machine while SubInACL is running.
  • 11. When it is finished you will see "Press any key to continue".
  • 12. Install the Flash Player from


Thanks to flash_fix for this tip on the forum.
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