White background's problem in web pages

If all web pages are opening with a white background, there is a problem with the configuration settings. While banners and advertisements may be in color, the background will appear to be white all the time. The white background problem in web pages can be solved easily by making changes in the accessibility settings through the control panel. It may take some time for the changes to take effect. If the same webpage is opened after a few seconds, the background color will be changed and the web page can be viewed properly. The white background problem in web pages is not an issue with the internet browser.
Your web pages will be displayed more accurately : No background color, everything is white !!!

(Like this image)

To resolve this problem follow these steps :
  • 1. Go to the "Control Panel" :
    • Click on "Option accessibility"
  • 2. In the dialog box "Option accessibility" :
    • Click on the tab "View"
  • 3. In the "View" tab :
    • Uncheck the "Use high contrast"

Then click on "Apply" and wait a moment while changes are being made.
Open your browser, your web pages should have regained their color.
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