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Linux - GRUB error 22, Cannot run Live CD


I am new to Ubuntu/Lynux and was dual booting with no problems with Win Vista. I was in the middle of a big project and needed more storage, so I used Windows Disk Tool to reformat the Ubuntu partition thinking no problem it will just erase Ubuntu and I'll be back to normal . . . wrong.

So I have read all the Grub error 22 fixes and everything, but the problem is, even with the Live CD I still get Grub error 22. I have tried to switch the boot order etc. but nothing seems to work. I just keep getting the Grub error 22.

Please help! I have a LIVE CD, but I am not familiar with programming etc.


You need to restore you Master Boot Record from your windows installation disk. Linux installs it's own Boot Loader (i.e. Grub) now you have deleted the Linux partition Grub cannot load properly. Have you checked your BIOS to see if it can boot to USB CD drive? If so insert xp installation disk and boot to it.

  • Press R to enter repair mode choose installation to repair (normally 1) enter administration password or just enter if no password was set.
  • When you get to command prompt do "FIXMBR" then enter it will ask if you are sure, do "Y" enter reboot, *Reset BIOS to boot to first hard drive and that shoul be it!

If your BIOS can't boot to USB CD drive (you may need to connect it first for it to be listed) Let us know what other devices you can boot to and we can try something else!

What other boot options does your BIOS give you e.g USB HDD, USB ZIP, etc? You somehow have to run your XP install disk on you system OR

Remove you Hard drive, Install to a laptop with working CD/DVD drive in FIXMBR on that system
With most laptops I have worked on removing the hard drive is a simple matter of removing a couple of screws on the base and sliding the drive out.


Thanks to xpcman for this tip on the forum.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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