Linux - Remote connection via SSH

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Linux - Remote connection via SSH

The below manipulations are only relevant if you have an existing account on the PC you want to connect to and if a SSH server is installed.
  • When using Linux the procedure is simpler as the client part is already configured (for most distributions).
  • Open a terminal and type the following command:
    • ssh login:password@the_PC_you_want_to_connect_to
  • or
    • login@(the_PC_you_want_to_connect_to)
  • Once the client PC accepts the connection, you will be prompted to enter the password.
  • To login in graphical mode (using X server) you must use the -X option

Using SSH through a proxy:

  • First have the proxy package installed:
    • sudo aptitude install proxy-connect
    • modify the/etc/ssh/ssh_config file to allow the use of SSH through the proxy:
    • sudo echo 'ProxyCommand /usr/bin/connect-proxy -4 -S %h %p' >> /etc/ssh/ssh_config 
  • Note: Make sure to replace and the port by the name of your proxy and the port number.

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