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Excel - Compile error: expected list separator


I am working on a Excel 2003 VB automated routine to remove rows from a worksheet based on a number of variables. My problem is syntax.... As I loop through the rows, I find the top of range of rows to be deleted. I assign a variable called 'top_row' to the entire row, and 'bottom_row' to the entire bottom row.
  • I want to do: rows(top_row:bottom_row).select but I get a compile error: expected list separator or ) one syntax that does work when selecting a given column: range("B" & active_row).select but every idea I can think of for the rows just fails!!!


There are two solutions:

Try rows(top_row & ":" & bottom_row).select

Range(Rows(top_row), Rows(bottom_row)).Select


Thanks to ExcelGuru for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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