Umbrella closed in Avira - no protection

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Avira Premium is security software for your PC. After downloading it from the company site - to get the latest version - you can scan all files for viruses or malware. Download the setup file to your PC and save it. Sometimes the umbrella icon of Avira does not open completely because the MailGuard module is disabled.
To fix it, open Avira with the umbrella icon on the taskbar and select start. As the dialog box opens select the online protection section, where your options are WebGuard and MailGuard. If MailGuard looks disabled, select it to view the help option. Go to the control panel and modify required settings for AntiVir MailGuard, and then restart your PC.

Issue with Avira Premium

Sometimes the Avira's umbrella does not open completely because the MailGuard module is disabled.


  • 1 - Click on Control Panel
  • 2 - Click on Add/Remove Programs
  • 3 - Click on Avira
  • 4 - Click on Edit
  • 5 - Click Next
  • 6 - In the window that opens you will have the option to disable the AntiVir MailGuard module
  • 7 - Click on Next and then OK
  • 8 - Restart the computer
  • 9 - Once the machine has restarted the umbrella should be open
    • It is now possible to reactivate MailGuard without affecting the umbrella
  • 10 - Following the steps above, reactivate MailGuard, click on Next then OK and restart the computer

Thanks to buckhulk for this tip

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