Excel - Automatically fill-in dates

April 2018


I'm trying to figure out how - after entering a date in a cell- to get the following dates to automatically fill in.

For example: when creating a log that requires daily entries once I type 12/01/09 into the first cell, (say, "A 1") how can I hit "Enter" and have 12/02/09 automatically fill in "A2" cell, then hit "Enter" again and have 12/03/09 automatically fill in "A3" cell without having to type each date on each line?


Try this:
  • Assuming you have excel 2007.
  • Assuming A2 is the start of your Log.
  • Put this formula in A3

  • Then copy the formula that is in A3 to all the subsequent A's following A3. (or as far as you need to go).
  • Put the first date in A2 and press the Enter key.


Thanks to sharpman for this tip on the forum.
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