Explanation of the URL

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Explanation of the URL

URL: Uniform Resource Locator


Consider a simple example: http://www.google.com.

This URL is broken into four parts:
  • HTTP : communication protocol
  • :// : Separator
  • www: World Wide Web
  • Google:The site name
  • com: domain name .com for commercial.

In summary the Google site uses the http communication protocol an the .com domain namem (commercial).

Domain Name

Here is the master list of domain names popular
  • com: Commercial
  • fr: French Area
  • tn: Tunisia Area
  • net: Network Managers
  • info: Information Services
  • org: nonprofit organizations
  • biz: business area
  • eu: European Union
  • ma: Moroccan Domain.

There are many other domains that will encounter.


Some communication protocols visible on a link or URL:
  • http: communication protocol client-server
  • ftp: File Transfer Protocol
  • POP: protocol for retrieving email located on a server.
  • TCP: reliable transport protocol in connected mode.

Well sure there are a very long list, but those protocols are the most frequently encountered.

Thanks to le petit marocain for this tip.

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