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Using IE Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode is one of the Internet Explorer features. Kiosk mode allows you to access web pages very easily. This feature means that the Internet Explorer tool, menus, status bar are not displayed, while the web pages are shown in full screen form. In order to operate Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode first click start, then click Run and later on click OK. Now Internet Explorer is ready to open the default web page under Kiosk mode. The shortcut keys to operate the Kiosk Mode are: Alt+left arrow, right arrow for moving over the pages.

What is Kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode is an Internet Explorer feature that allows you to access web pages only. Under Kiosk mode, Internet Explorer's toolbars, title bar, menus, and status bar are not displayed and web pages are displayed in Full Screen mode.

How to start Internet explorer in Kiosk mode?

Click Start, click Run, type the following command and then click OK:

iexplore -kwww.page.com

Where does the address of the web page you want to see appear when Internet Explorer starts? E.g. iexplore -kwww.Kioskea.net will open the Kioskea website.

Internet Explorer opens your home page if you don't specify the page.

iexplore -k

Note: to quit Internet Explorer when it is running in Kiosk mode, press ALT+F4.

Using Kiosk mode

Here is a list of Keyboard Shortcuts used to navigate on the web when using Kiosk mode:

ALT+Left arrow key Previous Page

ALT+ Right arrow key Next Page

CTRL+A Select all


CTRL+F search

CTRL+H view History

CTRL+O enter internet address

CTRL+B Organize Favorites

CTRL+P Print

CTRL+R Refresh


CTRL+V Paste

CTRL+W Close


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