Linksys WRT54G - Can't access router's configurations page

The Linksys router can be configured through the device web page. Admin rights for the Linksys router are required to change any settings. If the user cannot access the router configuration page at all or can only see partial information on the page, there could be a problem with the firmware of the Linksys router.To solve the issue, download the correct version of the firmware from Linksys network and hardware,support and upgrade it on the router. To upgrade the firmware on the router, follow the instructions to use the firmware downloader program available for the Linksys router. Once the upgrade is complete, the user will be able to access the Linksys router configuration page.


I can't connect to my wireless router's configuration page despite the fact that my internet connection is otherwise working perfectly. The page will only partially load and I can't get past the login screen.


Some users have come across problems when trying to load the page in order to access the router's configuration page.

The problem is likely due to router firmware issue. Here is what you can do:
  • 1) Go to to search for your router model, and download the latest firmware
  • 2) Go to and download the linksys-tftp.exe available on that page
  • 3) Run the linksys-tftp.exe program. Key in the details as below:
    • Server :
    • Password : admin
    • File : <look for the firmware file that you had download earlier>
  • 4) Click Upgrade
  • 5) You should be able to see the progress bar that shows upgrading in process and eventually, it will show a message that firmware had been upgraded
  • 6) After that, try going to the page and leave the username blank and key password as admin
  • 7) The page should load properly now


Thanks to Lynn for this tip on the forum.
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