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Windows XP - Disabling the Security Center

Windows Security Centre is a component of the Windows XP Service Pack 2. This component is useful from a security point of view as it provides information about the status of the antivirus software and firewall. It also gives an automatic update status. The only problem is that this information comes in the form of pop-ups, again and again, which could be annoying. To avoid this situation, one can disable the alerts. Alternatively Windows Security Centre can be disabled, but that has its risks. One must be absolutely confident about the firewall of the system before opting for this method.


Windows Security Centre is a component that works under Windows XP Service Pack 2 to provide information about the status of your antivirus software, firewall and Automatic update. Below is an image of a Windows Security Centre.

Sometimes, it may become annoying as you receive frequent messages in the form of pop-up balloon alerts. Below are two ways that you can disable this feature:
  • Disable Alerts
  • Turn off Windows Security Centre

Disable Alerts

  • In the Start menu, open Control Panel and double-click on the Security Centre icon
  • Go to Resources > Change the way Security Centre alerts me
  • You will see a box similar to the one below

  • Turn off all alerts by unchecking the boxes
  • Click on OK

Turn off Windows Security Centre

You may choose to turn off Windows Security Centre if you have an alternative firewall keeping your machine secure. To do this:
  • Open the Start menu and click Run
  • Type Services.msc and click OK
  • Scroll down and double-click on Security Centre to open it.

  • In the Startup type, select Disable and click on OK
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