Windows XP - - disabling the True Vector Service

Windows XP comes equipped with inbuilt security options which monitor internet traffic and look out for any potential threats. One such application is True Vector Service or True Vector Internet Monitor. True Vector Service is at the heart of Windows XP's personal firewall system. If the user wants to disable this service, he/she will have to access the Security Centre from the Control Panel. Under that the user will have to look for Windows Firewall and look at the Exceptions tab. Once in this menu, it is very easy to disable this service and select the relevant entry from the list.

To shut down True Vector Service, Go to Menu Start /Control Paneland double-click on Security Center.

  • In the below image, select Windows Firewall and choose "Exception".

  • Then scroll down to True Vector Service and uncheck the box. Click on OK to confirm the settings.
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