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iPhone - Sharing Internet Connection

The iconic iPhone can be used conveniently to provide an internet connection to your computer. An iPhone can be used as a modem to do this. For this, there must be network coverage for the Apple phone and the internet connection sharing option should be enabled for the service provider alone to get activated. This internet connection sharing activation is a paid service and once activated, any computer based on Windows OS will recognize the iPhone connection as a traditional network.

Here's a tip to share your internet connection iPhone with your computer. This means you can use your iPhone as a modem (provided of course that you have network coverage on your mobile phone, classic or 3G).
  • Above all, you must enable Internet Connection Sharing on your iPhone
    • This is a service you may have to pay for - check with your phone operator
    • It may take 24-48 for you operator to enable this service
  • To do this, you will need to purchase the option recommended by your operator.

To use your iPhone as a modem, you must enable Internet Connection Sharing in the settings of your iPhone.
  • Go to Settings > General > "Network" and scroll down until you see "Connection Sharing"
  • Once activated by your telephone operator, this option will be available
  • From there procedure is very simple and there is nothing left to do, the iPhone connection is recognized as a traditional network connection that is activated automatically in Windows XP

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