Lookup across whole workbook (multiple sheets)

April 2018


I would need your help with my problem in MS Excel.
  • 1. I have an excel workbook containing multiple sheets (ca. 15-20)
  • 2. Each of the sheets contains several records of the products identified by unique pr. number/code
  • 3. So, I need to find a function or macro which will do following: if I enter selected pr. code in new sheet it will find/lookup it across the whole workbook (all the sheets) and will give the reference for the respective cell.


This is from my notes. I have not personally checked recently. perhaps it will work.

In sheet1 (or any sheet) enter the sheet names. and NAME this range of cells as "Mysheets"
then use this formula:


invoke this formula with CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER


Thanks to venkat1926 for this tip on the forum.
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