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I have bought Magic Jack phone to use with internet phone call. I am, using Mac OS X 10.4.11 with 1.25 Ghz PowerPC G4, with memory of 512 MB DDR SDRAM. I have wireless internet connection which is what Magic Jack needs to operate. I could get the phone to work and I am getting a note that says "you can not open the application "Start magicjack" because it is not supported on this system. Therefore, what should I do?


I have two suggestions for you if you are having problems with your Magic Jack call clarity.

  • First try putting your phone farther away from your computer. I was using my Magic Jack on my PC and it was working fine. My tower was to the left of my monitor and the phone to the right and no problems with sound. Later when I moved my computer to another room despite having a better signal in the new room), I had terrible reception.

I noticed that this time I had put the phone on the left of my monitor and it was on a glass shelf about 10 inches above my computer tower. When I decided to try moving the phone on my desk to where it was originally (i.e. further from computer tower), the reception was crystal clear again, even better because of the improved WIFI signal in that room

  • If that is not the problem, there is another thing which may help if the problem is that you're not getting enough power through your USB ports to support the Magic Jack and all of the other things you have plugged in. Earlier I had read a comment where someone suggested getting a powered USB port. I wasn't sure what it was so I asked at Best Buy and they suggested a Dynex USB 4 Port Hub It was labeled DX-B4PORT. This unit has an AC adapter that you plug in to the wall and then plug the USB end into one of your USB ports in your computer. You can then plug the Magic Jack and up to 3 other USB plugs into the unit and they get a little more power. Since the Magic Jack is wide you can plug it into the top of the unit and plug the others into the side. Presently I have plugged into this unit my Belkin N which gives me WIFI, my Magic Jack, my printer/scanner, and my travel drive and it made a definite difference than when I had them all plugged into just the computer without the Electrical Boost.. I am glad I tried it. I love my Magic Jack especially now that I realize that keeping my phone base farther from my tower makes a big difference in the call clarity.
  • One other thing to realize is that you need a good consistent internet connection. I also found that moving my

computer to a place with a higher WIFI signal not only made my internet run a lot faster, but greatly improved
the Magic Jack connection which definitely makes sense.


Thanks to Devona for this tip on the forum.

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